Our Story

International  Forest  Company  (IFCO)  was  purchased  by  Patrick  Mobley  and  his  two brothers  in  2004.  At  that  time,  IFCO  was  headquartered  in  Odenville,  Alabama  and producing  approximately  15  million  containerized  pine  seedlings  per  year.  In  2006,  the company’s  headquarters  were  moved  to  Moultrie,  Georgia  where  they  are  still  located today.  In  2008,  all  production  was  moved  to  Moultrie,  and  the  container  seedling production  began  increasing  at  a  rate  of  over  8  million  seedlings  per  year.  In  2013,  IFCO purchased  the  Evans,  Louisiana  location  and  converted  the  facility  into  a  containerized pine  seedling  nursery  along  with  an  operating  seed  orchard.  The  Moultrie  and  Evans locations  produce  115  million  container  pine  seedlings  per  year  and  are  the  two  largest nurseries  of  their  kind.  


As IFCO’s need for seed increased, it was decided in 2013 to form International Forest Genetics and Seed (IFG&S) to not only help IFCO bring the best genetics possible to the timber industry but also to do their own research & development. Today, IFG&S operates in 15 different seed orchard locations throughout the southeast and is more than capable of supplying all high genetic gain seed needed by IFCO. 


In  2016,  Patrick’s  son,  Preston  Mobley,  returned  home  to  be  a  part  of  the  family  business and  insure  its  future  success.  Also,  in  2016,  IFCO  purchased  four  bareroot  nursery  locations from  Weyerhaeuser  Company.  These  nurseries  are  located  in  Washington,  North  Carolina; Jesup,  Georgia;  Camden,  Alabama  and  Shubuta,  Mississippi,  and  this  positioned  IFCO  to offer  two  different  deployment  types  for  high-end  genetics  across  the  southeastern  United States.  Together  these  nurseries  have  the  capability  to  produce  145  million  seedlings  per year.  Today,  IFCO’s  260  million  seedling  capacity  represents  25  percent  of  the  southern pine  seedling  market  and  covers  twelve  states  in  the  southeast. IFCO  is  dedicated  to having  the  highest  quality  customer  service  and  bringing  the  best  genetics  to  the  U.S. timber  industry.  We  are  proud  to  be  family  owned  and  operated.