Not all seedlings are created equal.

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The IFCO Difference.

Give yourself the best opportunity to maximize growth and yield with IFCO seedlings.

  • When extracted and shipped, IFCO seedlings maintain 100% of their root systems.
  • IFCO seedlings have a better survival rate and superior growth in the field.
  • Root regeneration potential is 50% greater for IFCO seedlings.

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We believe that doing business with an open hand and sharing information builds trust between the forest industry and the landowners who grow it.

About Us

IFCO Research and Development

Research & Development

IFCO participates in over six research and genetic cooperatives and is committed to bringing what was once only available to the elite to every landowner.

IFCO Testing and Production

Testing & Production

IFCO specializes in cross zone hybrid testing and orchard improvement to ensure that the highest quality seedlings are delivered to our landownders.

IFCO Packaging and Delivery

Packaging & Delivery

IFCO hand-packages each seedling and ships directly from our fields to the landowner.

USDA Offers Renewal Option -CSP & Extends Deadline for General Signup

The USDA announced  the Department of Agriculture is offering a renewal option through Tuesday, March 31, 2015 for eligible agriculture producers and forest landowners with expiring Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) contracts. The USDA will also extend the deadline for general sign-up CSP applications until Friday, March 13, 2015.  For more information, please contact your local […]

February 25, 2015 by IFCO

Genetic gain in forest seedlings

Genetic gain in forest seedlings:  Nick Muir, CF Are tree farmers inherently different than other farmers?  Successful farmers plant and cultivate the best genotypes available for the product they wish to produce.  Tree Farmers should be not different.  Today more than ever before detailed information on genetic improvement of Loblolly and Slash pine is available […]


Forestry Productivity Program (FPP) for Louisiana

The Forestry Productivity Program (FPP) provides financial assistance to eligible landowners for establishing and improving a crop of trees.  FPP assistance is available to landowners in all Louisiana parishes who own a minimum of five (5) contiguous acres suitable for growing commercially valuable timber species.  Applications are accepted on a first-come , first-served basis. For […]


IFCO seedlings are grown in a medium of peat moss, vermiculite-perlite.